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S/Y Aventure stays in three ports in three different countries according to the seasons. Between two sailing cruises, its homeport is the Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket, Thailand (please note that actually, no embarkation for our sailing cruises takes place in this port). In high season (from November to April), the Mergui Archipelago, in Myanmar, is open to sailing. The port of embarkation for a memorable cruise in this terra incognita (not unknown to our captain Michel) is Kawthaung, a border town located at the southernmost of Myanmar, separated from Ranong in Thailand by a large river. In low season (from May to October), the port of embarkation for our South Andaman Sea sailing cruises is Telaga Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia. Click on the links below to read more about these three ports of embarkation or residence frequented by S/Y Aventure.

Kawthoung - Birmanie
Kawthaung - Myanmar


Telaga Marina - Langkawi - Malaysia

Yacht Haven Marina - Phuket
Yacht Haven Marina - Phuket - Thailand


Port Blair
Port Blair - Andaman Islands - India


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