Cruises in Southern Andaman Sea – Embarkation from Telaga Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia

Telaga Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia


Telaga Marina in LangkawiLocated to the west of Langkawi Island in Malaysia, Telaga was originally a simple fishing village which has become one of the most notable marinas in the region.  Nestled in a luxuriant forest, one-hour drive from the island’s capital city, Khua, Telaga Marina is a lively spot featuring all that is required to spend a pleasant holiday: restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, rent-a-car, you name it… This port of embarkation for your sailing cruise in the Southern Andaman Sea on board Aventure is a very pleasant place, unique in the area.

Getting to Langkawi:

Getting to Telaga Marina: 20-minute journey by taxi from Langkawi Airport

Langkawi hotels:

- The Danna Langkawi ( in Telaga Marina
- The Bon Ton Restaurant & Resort ( is located a 10-minute drive from the airport and a 20-minute drive from Telaga Marina


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